The Claire McQuoid Sperm Donor Abuse Story.

Claire McQuoid has ‘invented’ a character online, who seeks to expose the dark side of private sperm donation, in which (she claims) 1 in 2 women ‘experience some form of victimisation/abuse, from sexual orientated violences, physical and emotional abuse, harassment, trolling, stalking, and financial exploitation’


But as her own sordid story unravels, just who are the real victims? Who really is the abuser? The man who agree to having regular unprotected sex with Claire McQuoid as her (then) husband was infertile, to help her become a mother, and who now pays child support despite being unable to even contact the child? The judge also rules that he   damages
The child who is, in effect, the product of an anonymous sperm donation, even though a web site was used, that was set up to maintain biological ties?
The women who set up sites to help women and infertile couples become pregnant, and for men to find a co-parent, with strict rules against financial rewards or sex, and who Claire McQuoid seeks to publically ‘shame’?

Of all scenarios, Claire McQuoid appears to be the only who has not been the victim of abuse. So why has she created this ‘character’ for herself, and why set up a ‘Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation’ when she could be consider to be the abuser in her own sperm donation story; abusing the trust of a man SHE asked to make her pregnant, through sex, despite the fact that he initially agreed to donate to her for altriuistic reasons as an AI donor…and abusing the right of her biological child to know the father.

As the judge, who presided over the McQuoid / Low-Beer case stated, there was ‘brazen flouting’ of the rules of the website, by both parties.


Surely these stories should be explored, and Claire McQuoid’s claims, and motives, explored in a little more depth?  Or is there to be only one side told. The story according to Claire McQuoid? While asking for payment for consultancy, training and support in these matters, do her her potential clients not deserve the whole story? When talking to the media about her ‘Foundation’ and supposed ‘Under Cover Research’ do the media not deserve to understand her own, personal dealings with sperm donation web sites?
And what is her child to think of this ‘story’ ?